Our History:

Our company, Baron Industries originated with John Cagigasí decision to sell batteries alongside Richard Poole of Poole Oil Co., a key-lock gasoline distributor at 3885 Vineyard Ave in Oxnard, California in the year of 1972.

Within a few months, he was able to investigate and explore the possibility of adding a re-building starter, generator, alternator and other electrical services to offer his battery customers. In 1980 volume increased to a point where John was able to negotiate direct factory warehouse deals; one of the first being Baldwin Filters. Baron Industries became incorporated.

Baronís next move was to purchase Poole Oil, with itís sixteen card-lock gasoline pumps and bulk oil business, in 1983.

In 1986, Baronís main electrical repair business was phased out to devote more time to the truck parts business.

In November 2002, John Cagigas sold Baron Industries to Nieves Alvarez, his office-manager of 20 years.

From Baronís inception as a small battery distributor in 1972, to its current position in 2010 as a major contributor of parts and accessories--Baron Industries is proud to demonstrate how hard-work, perseverance planning, and sound investments can result.

With a new owner and expert, loyal and hard-working employees by her side, it is evident that Baron can only be accessed to continue to be a major factor in the Oxnard business area, and tri-counties.






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